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Consulting in DevOps
zanthos Inc. is a boutique IT company based in Boston,
Massachusetts, with affiliates in Los Angeles, California. Our team:

Jorge Oliveira

A native of New York and a graduate of Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts, Jorge has in-depth experience in design, problem solving and software development. For the past 7 years, he has focused on website and application development, using Java and Microsoft .NET. Jorge has worked with several high profile companies and projects, including a badging and credential system for Los Angeles Airport (LAX), automation assessment for the Beverly Hills Jail and software development for the Raytheon's V-22 system

Bhuwan Chawla

Bhuwan has over 7 years of demonstrated experience in architect, design and software development using Ruby, Python, Java and Scala. He received his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science, in Computer Engineering, from Northeastern University. Bhuwan started his career by developing, maintaining and deploying Air Traffic Control systems for Raytheon. He then worked for several ground floor start-ups,where he has played a key role in each of their successes. Bhuwan has in-depth experience in consulting services to clients in software development, DevOps, cloud computing and automation.

What we do
zanthos Inc. is a boutique IT company based in Boston,
Massachusetts, with affiliates in Los Angeles, California. Our team:


We provide expert customized consulting in DevOps and configuration management, and are highly skilled in many orchestration tools, including Puppet, Chef and Ansible. We use our skills and passions in Engineering to provide elegant solutions to our clients in building an efficient and reliable process that reduces costs, disruptions, disaster recovery. Our promise is to deliver code to production more faster and more efficiently.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the the most complex changes to computing. Yet it offers many business advantages: increased flexibility, ease of scalability and cost reduction. We offer services such as strategic consulting to assist with cloud migration and provide solutions to existing cloud infastrucutre. We can help you establish a cloud environment that is secure, stable, accessible and cost effective.


We help clients provide near 100% uptime of their solutions to end-users. We do this by integrating industry standards and customized monitoring solutions to help diagnose problems before and while they exist. Catering to the needs of our clients, we use standard industry tools to high-quality monitoring of your entire infrastructure. Our solution is a telemetry system that provides insight into the health of your application and infastructure.

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